Our children are the best ambassadors of the ecological transition


After months of work with Momentum Production , our documentary “ A wave of hope ” is finally ready. It retraces the journey of the 4 swimmers, from the beginning of the project to the arrival in Deauville, including the cleanup, the difficulties encountered, the educational kit and delivering a message of hope.

This documentary presents sport as a central vehicle for raising awareness on environmental issues. However, the message is much deeper and universal. A message of hope by showing young people who are committed and mobilised in the face of environmental issues. The images are accompanied by music from Zikali and animations from Full Story.



Preview broadcast in 10 colleges and 10 high schools in Ile de France. Each intervention includes a collection of cigarette butts, a screening of the documentary and a debate with one of the swimmers. During this phase, we plan to educate 2,000 students throughout the region and in particular the REP zones.


Broadcast at a dozen festivals around sport, adventure and ecology. Throughout 2022, this documentary will be able to be seen in preview by a large number of festival-goers and develop the notoriety of the documentary. 


Debates by offering citizen broadcasts throughout France. Availability of a free dissemination kit on our website with teaching aids, a frame of debates and the link to the video. 

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