A 380 km swim

"While swimming in the middle of the ocean, we discovered our responsibility to act on the issues of the nature around us"



Our Health

In the last 200 years, the quality of the water in the Seine has continuously improved. Experts have already assured the sanitary feasibility of this adventure. Though, we are looking to include local authorities to ensure approval.  


The Course

380 km separates Paris from Deauville by the river Seine. The swimmers will relay each other 24/7 for an entire week in 2-hour slots. On this course, they will come encounter 6 barriers, hundreds of boats and 100 km of tidal range.  Hydration, nutrition, and recovery will be key elements in the success off this project. 



Two boats and a kayak will follow the adventure to supervise the swimmers, announce their position to other occupants of the river and act as a 'base camp' for recovery fuel stops.  It is an entire team that will make this relay possible. 



The adventure is due to set off on the 29th of May 2021, on the eve of World no tobacco day, and arrive in Deauville on the 5th of June 2021, World Oceans Day. This is the ideal time period to swim in the Seine. There is a smaller chance of rainfall and more sunlight for a cleaner river. 


Before setting off for the big adventure, they plan to organise a trip early march down the river to discover the course and its challenges. For training, they also completed a 100 km relay last year and a few other 10km races like the Open Swim Star event in Paris. 


Chloe has participated in the world championships of Ironman 70.3, Lucas has completed a dozen triathlons, Louise is an ex national championne in syncronised swimming and Matthieu cycled around the world. They have been swimming together for two years and have swum across la Gironde (8 km), Lake Geneva (13km) and the Strait of Gibraltar (17km). Their most memorable experience was in Lake Baringo in Kenya, in waters infested with crocodiles. 


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