1 cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 liters of water and will take over 10 years to fully decompose

67% of cigarette butts end up in nature, that's 4500 billion each year

The first source of pollution in our oceans


The 3rd source of pollution in freshwater sources


2 million euros, the estimated yearly cost for the city of Paris for the collection of cigarette butts on the streets



Using circular economy to save cigarette butts 

The circular economy is an economic model inspired by nature which does not generate any waste while using the minimum amount of resources possible.  When applied to cigarette butts, this model can be represented by the following diagram. Implementing solutions at each stage of the life cycle of a butt will limit the leaks of toxic products in our environment. 


"The cigarette butt is the most common source of waste found in our oceans. It is time to act on the diplomacy of the swimming cap: use aquatic adventures to accelerate global awareness"


Join the movement

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World record for largest butt clean up

  • 29 may 2021 in Paris : objective 1 million butts collected

  • Large transparent gauge on the Iéna bridge

  • Stand to raise awareness at the start


  • An inspirational documentary retracing the adventure of 4 swimmers

  • Sharing the documentary in schools to share the experience with younger generation

Leaving a heritage

  • In partnership with EcoMégot, recycling the cigarette butts collected into awareness street signs. 

  • Created 2 surfboards out of butts with Wyve